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We’re for making government work for us

We are a free to the public community service advocacy organization, supporting community activism through experience, shared resources, and technology. We believe that democracy only succeeds when there is organization among mutual goals and interests.   Strong voter turnout is the foundation to a healthy democracy.

In the U.S.  a mere 60% of Americans vote during Presidential elections, and only 40% vote during midterms, equating midterms to unfortunate levels. Generally the reasons cited for this is attributed to political disenfranchisement due to the belief that voting for one candidate/party or another will do little to alter public policy and is a dismal reality in America, particularly; when compared to other”established” democracies  voter turnout in the U.S. is much lower than most established democracies .

Given these facts, we still believe that for a thoughtful  and well organized Campaign an opportunity presents itself particularly during off-year voting cycles to gain an advantage in order to either defeat or promote an interest at the ballot box . During this time when overall turnout is low the few become the many, and is a good recipe for a highly charged, motivated, and well organized campaign to be in a much stronger position to achieve its goals while their numbers increase proportionally at the ballot box. Giving the grass-roots campaign a strong advantage that otherwise wouldn’t exist during a time of higher general turnout. Even if the sentiment is conceded that the U.S. government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country’s citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful, along side the rich and powerful will be the thoughtful campaign.

In any event how the country got here isn’t our focus. Our focus is to use these trends in lower turnouts to an advantage with a group of like minded citizens to achieve a common interest. It’s a tried and ready format. Campaign Builder has created a step-by-step process that will demonstrate how online apps and data sources can be used for positive outcomes. The Campaign Builder website is instructional and we layout for the organizer a simple process to build a database complete by name, address, phone number, email address, and voting districts.

Campaign builder has created what are referred to as heads of state organizations of tens of thousands of smaller groups of registered voters to collaborate on candidates and issues to everyone’s mutual benefit, whatever our reason other!  We have developed a strategy that leverages many disparate groups of voters to organize around a mutual benefit. And the events will be timed, such that particularly during mid-term elections when voter turn out is low over all and our votes become disproportionately heard!

The end product will be used to increase awareness and membership to the organization by having in place a database to provide various call and mailing services; Our website will offer tutorials for organizers to create regional-online-organizational and collaborative programs. Our database will be used to enhance the civics participation in the areas of lawful protest and demonstrations; letter writing efforts; political committee attendance and participation; We organize the vote by city, county, State Assembly and Senate districts in order to enhance lobbying efforts, as well as to create an effective vote  in elections, such as for County Superior court judges, city mayors and council members. We believe too that we can have an impact on the larger State wide political campaigns and voter initiatives and ballot measures.


join us in taking our government back~