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Design a Targeted Campaign

Do the math

(Currently under development)

Campaign Builder’s assess the race portal will provide the historical as well as the current information on State and local: city and county ballot measures from around the country.  Using Campaign Builder’s database along with the assessment portal well assist in determining if your campaign will need additional recruitment efforts and will allow for an simplified email or phone campaign to get folks to the ballot box.

Some thoughts to consider:

  • local races are often won or lost by a slim margin
  • An incumbent who participated in a tight past primary or general election will likely be open to legislative concerns  if a sizable organizations can be shown to be in support
  • What levels of government can your objective legislative needs be met.  By Keeping legislation at the lowest geopolitical level should fewer organizers.
    • local
    • county
    • State Legislative Districts
    • Federal congressional Districts


Develop a collaborative environment.

Use Campaign Builder’s free database and suggested apps to work together in real time from geographically diverse locations.

Get out the Vote:

Make sure everyone knows their polling locations and are informed both on the issues and also on the candidates (ballot Measures). Campaign Builder’s National Polling locations and Ballot Measures app delivers on that!

Make your position be known

(currently in development)

Campaign Builder’s sign the Petition app. make it easy to gather signatures and to mail your positions directly to the decision makers (most likely an elected Legislator)

other alternatives:

  • Contact incumbents in their districts by letter (using sample letters provided here)
  • identify the makeup (size) of your organization