We are in need of those who want to help themselves.  We are a small group of like minded folks who banded together to grow our voices on issues important to us.

We wish to organize and to mobile +60,000 like minded citizens in California ( when the numbers of friends, family, loved ones, along with our sphere of influence members are included we believe we can grow our voices to +250,000 votes ). We are creating an instructional-website and a database complete by name, address, phone number, email address, and voting districts. We are currently four strong; our database is roughly 5% complete.  We could use the help of another  seven or so similarly situated folks, such as yourselves…

Our end product will be used to increase awareness and membership to the organization by having in place a database to provide various call and mailing services; Our website will offer tutorials for organizers to create regional-online-organizational and collaborative programs. Our database will be used to enhance the civics participation in the areas of lawful protest and demonstrations; letter writing efforts; political committee attendance and participation; We organize the vote by city, county, State Assembly and Senate districts in order to enhance lobbying efforts, as well as to create an effective vote  in elections, such as for County Superior court judges, city mayors and council members. We believe too that we can have an impact on the larger State wide political campaigns and voter initiatives and ballot measures.

We are currently in need of:

  • data miners.
  • regional recruiters and city captains
  • phone solicitors ( wives, mothers, sisters, friends of the affected)
  • Technical writers
  • Coder for writing web API’s
  • Database programmer
  • Graphics designer ( photo shop)


For information about how you can help, please contact Tim Moore: